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Welcome to my home page. I live in Colchester, Essex in the UK with my wife Shivaun and our children Natasha, Niamh and Matthew. There is some info about us and my interests on this website.

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My main interests are travel and outdoor activities and sport - especially scuba diving. I also enjoy computers and general techie stuff, and sadly to say, I spend a fair bit of time doing DIY related tasks!

Other Information in this Site

My Favourite Web Sites

  • Launch - This site lets you watch music videos for free - excellent!
  • Multimap Mapping Service - This excellent site has Ordnance Survey style maps for the whole of the UK and street maps for some major towns and cities.
  • Friends Reunited - Find out what happened to everyone you went to school and university with!
  • BBCi - The BBC's offering is about the best there is for news, sport and general information now - still I guess we are subsidising it, so it ought to be!
  • Colchester Diving Club - One of my interests is scuba diving. Why not visit the Colchester Diving Club website?
  • Andrew Tijou's Website - My brother Andrew also has a website.... Why not take a look?

Birdcam [Garden Webcam]

I've found a "useful" application for my Raspberry Pi; as a garden webcam, looking at the visiting birds. Hopefully, we will get a nest in our nest box and I will train it on that in the spring! Click here to view Steve's Birdcam.

Family Photos

For our family and friends, we have some pages, including photos of Natasha, Niamh & Matthew which are password protected. Please email me if you want details of how to access this area of the website. Click here to access this area of the website.

Weather Station

I have an electronic weather station from which I upload statistical information to the internet. If you want to see what the climate in Colchester has been like lately, click here.

Steve's Footy Trivia Page

I've put together a collection of football trivia questions that I've remembered, and I intend to make the list grow as I remember/learn more. So if you think you know it all when it comes to football, click here to see how good you are!

Tijou Family Tree

We are direct descendants of Jean Tijou, the famous ironworker who carried out work at Hampton Court, St. Paul's Cathedral and Chatsworth, among other places in the late 17th century. My dad has done a lot of research and thanks to that, and help from people on the internet over the last few years, we now know that Jean Tijou was my great great great great great great great great grandfather. Click here to see my branch of the tree. 

Australia Trip 2002

In July and August 2002, we did a trip down the east side of Australia, visiting, amongst other places, Townsville, Beaudesert, Canberra and Sydney. To read more and see some pictures, click here.

America Trip 2001

In June and July 2001, sometime after an amazing piece of luck where I won a holiday on a game show, I visited the USA. To read more and see some pictures, click here.

Antarctica Trip 2000

In November and December 2000, I fulfilled a long time ambition by visiting Antarctica. It is the remotest of places, but is rich in scenery and wildlife. To read more and see some pictures, click here.

South Africa Trip 1999

In August and September 1999, I spent 3 weeks in South Africa, taking in the scenery and culture, as well as viewing some of the wildlife. To read more and see some pictures, click here.

Iceland and Greenland Trip 1998

In August and September 1998, I spent 3 weeks in Iceland and Greenland, seeing the spectacular scenery and sampling the way of life. To read more and see some pictures, click here.

Australia Trip 1997

In September and October 1997, I went on a 3 week tour in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, travelling from Darwin to Perth, via Alice Springs and Ayers Rock, amongst other places. To see some photos from the trip, click here.

Africa Trip 1996

In July and August 1996 I went on a 3 week holiday to Kenya and Tanzania in which I climbed both Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro. To see  general information on action holidays and some photos from my trip, click here.

This page was last updated 15th December 2012.

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