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Welcome to my home page. I live in Sydney, Australia with my wife Shivaun and our children Natasha, Niamh and Matthew. There is some info about us and my interests on this website.

My email address is


Steve's Footy Trivia Page

I've put together a collection of football trivia questions that I've remembered, and I intend to make the list grow as I remember/learn more. So if you think you know it all when it comes to football, click here to see how good you are!

Weather Station

I have an electronic weather station from which I upload weather data to the internet. Click here for the North Wahroonga weather site (near Sydney, Australia). I used to live in Colchester, UK and did the same there. Click here for historical information from the Colchester weather site.

Birdcam [Garden Webcam]

I've found a "useful" application for my Raspberry Pi; as a garden webcam, looking at the visiting birds. Hopefully, we will get a nest in our nest box and I will train it on that in the spring! Click here to view Steve's Birdcam.

Tijou Family Tree

We are direct descendants of Jean Tijou, the famous ironworker who carried out work at Hampton Court, St. Paul's Cathedral and Chatsworth, among other places in the late 17th century. My dad has done a lot of research and thanks to that, and help from people on the internet over the last few years, we now know that Jean Tijou was my great great great great great great great great grandfather. Click here to see my Dad's website which has some of the information he has found. My wife has looked into our other ancestors and has a website with info. Click here to see the site. If you can assist with filling in any of the gaps, please get in touch. Click here to see my branch of the tree. 

Andrew Tijou's Website

My brother Andrew also has a website.... Why not take a look? Click here.


This page was last updated 26th January 2015.